I am excited to introduce the book Prayer Quake, A 40-day arsenal to birth your destiny!

Prayer Quake

Prayer Quake is a book of prayers from the Word of God to birth your destiny seasons. Just like a physical earthquake, when you pray these prayers, a shaking will occur spiritually with physical manifestations to guide you to the perfect will of God for your life. The book will take you through a 40-day experience starting from consecration on day 1 to celebration on day 40.

The prayers in Prayer Quake are God-breathed and exude the power of our Great God. They have produced results for many people and they will produce results for you. God is not a respecter of persons, what He did for one, He will do for you as well.

As you read the book and pray the prayers each day, God will speak to you about the specifics of your situation. He will comfort you, encourage you, and give you the strength to overcome. God is eager to speak to you and His words will transform your life.

Make up your mind to pursue and recover all that you have lost. Let the prayer quake begin in your life today and do not take the journey alone, get copies of the book for your family and friends and watch God’s transforming power at work.

All the proceeds from Prayer Quake will go towards building Gloryland, a 25-acre inheritance that God has given to us at Temple of Praise International Church for our new church home. Each book you buy contributes to that vision.

Click here to get your e-copy or paper copy of Prayer Quake

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