Happy New Year!!! I am excited to start off this year by sharing the prophetic word for 2015 given by my Pastor and Mentor –Apostle Nike Wilheims. Hold on to the words and by them, wage the good warfare (1 Timothy 1:18) – Make room for  new!


Apostle Nike Wilheims

Make room for new! God is doing a new thing. He is beginning a new thing in your life, in your business, and in your marriage.

You will be married to the same person, but the relationship will be new and you will have totally different experiences like when you just met or when you were dating. God will turn around your businesses. An old business that was failing will suddenly become profitable.

God will give you new strategies in every sphere, phase, and dimension of your life.

If you have tried and failed, try again, because this time you will make it. This time you will be profitable and successful. Make room again!

The word of the Lord in Zephaniah chapter 3 says that the Lord will dance and rejoice over His people. The sound of celebration will be mighty in your home in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Where you have not known true joy, you will rejoice in the Lord your God. The Lord rejoices over you, dances over you, and celebrates over you.

This year, the Lord God Almighty will do a marvel in your life – a personal marvel.

You will be called miraculous in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Make room for new and allow God to do the miraculous. There will be no impossibility. You will not consider a project and say, “I can’t”. Wisdom will speak for you and bring you before great men in the name of Jesus.

This is a year of answers!

The Lord says there will be so much restoration and that restoration will be the answer.

There will be answers from January to December. God will answer more than ever before. Study the Word of God and put Him in remembrance of it, because He is ready to perform it. He is ready to accelerate His purpose and answer swiftly. There is no time for delay or denial.

It will be a season of answers. God will say it and God will do it.

Stay in the Word, go deeper. All the answers await you in the Word.

Make Room for New

Every insight, information and strategy, is in God’s Word.

The Lord said in Jeremiah 33:3 that you should call upon Him and He will answer you. Call upon God in prayer, call upon Him in purity. In Matthew chapter 5, the Lord says that the pure at heart will inherit the earth.

It is time to restore the earth to the saints, and to the righteous.

God will balance every unjust scale. Unjust scales will be an abomination to Him. You will no longer be cheated, drained, or dealt with wickedly. God will stand between you and wickedness /satanic powers. It is time for God to display you as His royal diadem.

Be prepared to try again – do it again because this time it will be easy for you to succeed.

God’s hand of victory is upon the church and upon you. You will go from victory to victory, from increase to increase, and from triumph to triumph. God will answer and it will come with a lot of rejoicing, dancing, and singing.

When others are being marked for evil, you will be marked for victory. You will be in His Goshen. There will be more than supply to you.

This season will lead you into the greatest abundance of God.

The season of the Lord is upon us!

Call upon Him and He will show you the secret things that are hidden. God has decided to release the treasures of darkness to you. He has made up His mind to be the just Judge

You will no longer work like an elephant and eat like an ant. The reverse will be the case; you will work like an ant and eat like an elephant because the Lord’s harvest is plenty, His harvest is enormous and He will give it to whoever pleases Him. You will no longer work and another reap your harvest. You will even harvest where you have not sown. God will cause you to reap the harvest of the people that are not utilizing His glory, favor, and anointing.

Make room for new. Empty out the old harvest, expand and enlarge your territory.

God will enlarge you by His finger. He will shake the heavens but you will not be shaken. Everything established in and by God will not be shaken. Make room for new!

God will draw a line between you and the people who hate Him and those who gather with the people who hate Him, speak wickedly about Him, and mock His name. The Lord will draw a line this year.

Make room for new!


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