Each day I look forward to picking up the mail and sorting through the pile to identify the “real” mail. There seems to be more junk in the mail and I have devised a quick and easy way to filter out the unmarked envelopes offering unsolicited services. Sometimes, I open all the unmarked envelopes and read through the company offers, wondering if anyone ever falls for phrases like “this offer won’t last long – apply today!” or “this special offer is just for you”. I picked up the last envelope expecting the same marketing verbiage but I was shocked to discover a reimbursement check in the envelope. A real check with real money and I would have tossed it because it came in a plain unmarked envelope like all the other junk mails! Needless to say, I now open ALL mails to confirm the content before trashing the junk. I keep wondering if I have ever trashed checks but I guess I will never know.

Do not ignore an opportunity


A widow woman lived in the city of Zarephath during the famine. She loved God and trusted Him to take care of her and her young son throughout the famine. Weeks turned into months but there was no relief. Gradually the jar of oil and barrel of flour dwindled until there was only enough flour and oil to bake one last meal of cake. Even though she so desperately wanted to believe that God would come through for her; the harsh reality of famine and death around her pressed into the bubble of faith she created for herself and her son.

Staring at the last cup of flour and the little oil left in the jar, she knew that after the meal, death would be imminent. Her heart ached as she looked lovingly at her only son. Scenes of their lives flashed across her mind and she trembled at the thought that her dear son would starve to death.

With trepidation, she pulled herself out of the spiral of bleak daydreaming and headed for the gate of the city to gather sticks for their last meal. The flood of tears gushed as she bent over slowly and started picking up sticks. Straightening with her pile of sticks in her hands, she heaved a sigh of resignation and turned to head back to the path home.

Just then, she heard a loud voice behind her, she turned to see a man dressed like a prophet asking for a cup of water. He looked like a visitor to Zarephath and in spite of her situation, she had compassion on him. She decided to get him a glass of water as her last good deed. As she turned to go and get the water, she heard the prophet say “please bring me a piece of bread”.

She stopped in her tracks and turned slowly towards the prophet. The disappointment of the unanswered prayers of the past months rushed to the surface as she remembered the last bit of flour and little oil for her last piece of cake. If only God had answered her prayer for provision, she would be able to provide for her son and for this visiting prophet. Despite her earnest prayers, faith and hope, there was only one last meal to share with her son after which they would starve to death – literally.

Your miracle is locked up in your obedience

The woman did not know that the prophet was the answer to her prayers. The key to her provision and sustenance through the famine was locked up in offering her last meal to Prophet Elijah. She was revived and quickened by the word of God through Prophet Elijah that the jar of flour would not finish and the jug of oil would not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land. She dared to believe God and hastened home to bake bread for Prophet Elijah and according to the word of God, there was food for her family throughout the famine.

Your miracle is closer than you think. It could be in an unmarked envelope or a strange request, or it could be standing right in front of you in a disguise. Live expectant and embrace each opportunity as the gateway to your miracle.

You might be experiencing a seeming delay because you are expecting your miracle in a specific package. Look around you with a fresh perspective. The current inconvenience may just be the key to your breakthrough.

Are you in a season of quiet desperation? Turn it around and begin to reach out to people who need help around you.

God is always working behind the scenes to make things work out for your good. Reach beyond yourself to be a blessing to someone else.

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