It is 6:40pm and I am cutting it really close for my 7:00pm appointment. I peered through the window to assess the intensity of the rain one last time and then scurried to the car. Turning on the ignition, I let out a deep sigh when I noticed the fuel gauge was very close to “E”. I was already running late and I prayed that the gas in my tank would be enough to get me to my destination. My car seems to run out of gas at the most inconvenient times! If only everything will work perfectly on my schedule…

Anyway, I had a 7:00pm appointment and I was not planning to be late. I had a 10 minute drive and I would buy gas on my way back home. That sounded like a good plan until I pulled out of the driveway and the low fuel signal on the dashboard lit up! That was a last warning – I was about to run completely out of gas and that would be a disaster. I could not imagine being stuck on the road with children in the car on a rainy day because we ran out of gas! Even though I would be late for my appointment, my priority changed and gas became my most immediate need.

Standing in the gas station, I wondered how many times I let my spiritual tank run low and how long I let the low fuel signal stay on because I’m rushing to make it through yet another day before filling my tank with more of God.

Running on Empty

The only way to live a fulfilled life is to spend quality time with God daily.

Spending time in the Word of God and prayer builds up your spiritual reservoir and fills your tank with the fuel you need for everyday life. Life can be so busy and if the “to-do” list dictates what gets done, there will be no time to fill your spiritual tank. However, you need to keep your priority in order and spend time with God every single day.

Jesus should be the center of your life and not just a meeting on your calendar.

When Jesus was on earth, He modeled the importance of spending time with God by constantly withdrawing from the crowd to spend time alone with God. He would go to the mountain or a deserted place to avoid the distractions of everyday life. Many times, Jesus spent night time in prayer and communion with God so that He would have the strength required to minister to the crowd in the morning.

When the disciples took their first mission trip, they returned excited at the display of the power of God they experienced. The blind eyes were opened, the lame walked. The power of God was real and the demons bowed -They performed the same miracles as Jesus! In response to their excitement and victory reports, Jesus pulled them aside to rest.

Rest – who wants to rest instead of changing the world? Who has time to rest when there is still so much to accomplish?

You will accomplish so much more with God than you could ever hope to accomplish alone.

Refuse the temptation to wake up to the blast of the marathon whistle and jump into the race of life each day. Taking the time to seek God for His direction every morning is the best investment of your time.

Make it a priority to spend time with God each day before you get in the game.

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  • Thank you, Ibidun, for this reminder. Seeking God first each day is vital in staying close to the Lord, and, for Christian poets and writers, this invites God’s guidance and empowerment into our writing projects. What a difference God makes! I’ll highlight your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – God bless.

  • Thanks Mary! God is the true source of strength, inspiration, and guidance for each day. We have to consciously prioritize daily devotion – especially on days where there is so much to do. It is so tempting to run out the door and get in the game of life, but we need him more when we have more to do. We should never get too busy to pray or too busy to read the bible. Just like physical food, we all need spiritual food to survive. We cannot afford to run the race of life with an empty tank